Meet Kathleen Bracken

Hello, hello!  Thanks for stopping by!  I am lifestyle photographer in Denver, Colorado who loves capturing beautiful moments in your family! 

Why photography?  From the moment I got my hands on my first DSLR camera, I knew I had fallen in LOVE!  I had always loved taking pictures, but a DSLR camera allows you to capture absolutely beautiful moments, both big and small, and treasure them for the rest of your life.  Of course I want to capture sharp images with the perfect amount of bokeh in the background.  But absolutely, hands-down, the most important thing I want to capture is a moment in time that elicits an emotional reaction for my client.  Joy, happiness, tears.... that's how I know I had a good session.  Whether it's the love in a family, the joy on a child's face, or the chubby cheeks of a infant.  Folks, these are the moments you'll want to remember.  I want to give you memories so that you can look at the photographs I have taken of your family, and remember those moments in time.  When I look at the photographs I've taken of my children over the years, I just tear up from such pride, gratefulness, and love.  PRINT your pictures.  Frame them and admire them.  You and your children will love to see yourselves on your walls.  I LOVE what I do.  I love meeting new families and sharing in their love and joy.  I feel absolutely honored when clients choose me to capture moments in their lives, whether it's a new baby, a family session, an engagement, or a teenager's senior year.  If you think I'm the right fit for your family, give me a call or send me an email!  I'd love to chat with you!

Photo credit: chloe rosser photography

Photo credit: Chloe Rosser Photography