Denver Fresh 48 Hospital Session - Kathleen Bracken Photography, Littleton, Colorado

I love doing Fresh 48 hospital sessions around Denver, typically at Littleton Adventist Hospital. And when there’s a big brother or sister coming to meet the new baby, it’s even more fun because you have to plan for the unexpected! Today’s blog post is going to be about how to engage the siblings in the photos!

First, remember that everything is brand new for the big sibling! Their mom and dad are now holding someone! So, any type of gentle contact with the baby is encouraged! Even looking at the baby or talking to the baby!

TIP 1:

In this little series, I set up the family on the couch that Littleton Adventist has in each room. The photos are back-lit in this set up with amazing light and shadows—my favorite! I asked big brother to snuggle with mama (every new big sib needs that mama time right after birth!!) and then dad brought baby sister over. We asked him simple questions like, Are her eyes open? Can you find her fingers? Is her hat soft? Slowly, big brother completely warmed up to sister and we captured some really sweet moments for the family!

TIP 2:

Give the big sibling lots of breaks in the hallway for one-on-one time with either mom, dad, or grandparents, if they join the session! They need lots of attention during this transition time and it gives me, the photographer, time to capture each of the parents with their new baby!

TIP 3:

Incorporate the grandparents into the photos with the new baby and the sibling! They can be a great distraction and you get a chance for multi-generational photos that are wonderful keepsakes.

TIP 4:

Always try for one more set of photos with the sibling. In this case, we had the family sit on the hospital bed and big brother gently found baby’s eats and touched her soft hair. I’m definitely lucky at Littleton Adventist to have great light from their big windows. Even on cloudy days like this one, we can use the window light easily with a cranked up ISO!

I hope these tips are helpful! And if you are local to Denver, Littleton, Highlands Ranch, or Castle Rock, Colorado… send me an email and I’d love to do your session!